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About Me – Rajendra

Usual Yaada Yaada :

All views expressed here are of my own and doesn’t represent my current or any of my previous employers. The content of this blog can be used for your reference as a knowledge share at your will, however it should not be considered as an official documentation or a note from EMC | Documentum or companies I deal/work with. There is no commitment on the accuracy of the contents and I carry no obligations on the content. All the content here represents my own view and understanding of the technology, unless it is a referenced article
(The referrer has the complete authority on such content).

About Me : In Concise – Professional

I am Rajendra. For my bread, I work on Documentum Stack (DFC, BOF, WDK, Server Jobs/Workflows). Documentum has been part of my professional life since 2005. Prior to that I was a hard core Java/JEE developer. Even my Documentum skills are lined along side of Java. I work for a consulting company.

My Commitment

I would try my best to respond to your comments, if they are applicable to the blog theme’s context.  In case I am unable to respond, its only due to my lack of time management skills 😦

I Like ..

  • to blog as and when I find time and have something to share. Mostly I blog here and anything specific to Java I blog at Rajendra’s Coffee Bites.
  • scanning through the latest developments on the Java/Documentum arena. Sometimes I am not abreast with the latest developments due to other work/personal commitments however I try to keep myself up to date.
  • anything that has to do with SSL & Cryptography.


I live with my wife and kid. He is too young to keep me busy all the time (< 2 yrs) and doesn’t let me take off time from his attention. This is one lame excuse for not blogging frequently 😉


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